Solution Centre

We have brought together practical first-hand experience and learning from major change programmes into a proven four-stage process - this is our Solution Centre.

The Solution Centre is a structured and facilitated programme, run over a ten-week period that enables groups of leaders, managers and staff, from within organisations and across partnerships, to come together to work together, away from the day job, to develop new coalitions, strategies, ways of working, joint ventures and delivery programmes.

The facilitated and structured process develops incrementally from establishing a shared ambition to new joint delivery arrangements as illustrated below:

Solution Centre Graphic

We use this process across all our projects. It provides a structured framework of engagement and focus for collaborative analysis and design - essential foundations for successful implementation and realisation of benefits.

Our approach provides a proven alternative to traditional ways of running change projects that all too often are focussed on external staff working in isolation from local operational ownership and reality.

Our Solution Centre ensures that new co-designed and co-delivered service delivery ventures emerge which brings immediate improvements in customer service and reduced costs.

Every project is based on a 10 week design and 90 day implementation programme.

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