Reducing levels of teenage pregnancy

The challenge

Peterborough local authority had the worst under 18 conception rates in their statistical group. Analysis showed multiple actions across many partners but very little co-ordination and joint working.

Our approach and outcomes

To develop solutions to this issue, it was imperative to understand the problem being faced by locally in Peterborough; this was achieved through a Solution Centre approach, which involved the gathering of key partners (incl. voluntary & third sector) across Peterborough. Together with the key practitioners from the partner organisations, an analysis and mapping of the root causes, current interventions and spend was carried out. Through the facilitation of innovative ‘joint’ solutions to root causes, an integrated implementation framework was created. Staff across agencies amalgamated their separate programmes into one collective delivery. This integrated approach has allowed customer profiles to identify young people at highest risk, a community pilot targeting high risk post 16s and school non-attendees, and a school pilot targeting high risk children in school Yr10. The pilots have been evaluated and have demonstrated increases in the numbers of young people through interventions, increased uptake of contraception and sexual health provision, increased provision of information, advice and signposting.

What our clients say

“The innovation and vision provided by Bluemarble was invaluable in ‘turning the curve’ with the teenage pregnancy problem in Peterborough”
Assistant Director of Children Services, PCC

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