Integrating Health and Social Care – West Norfolk

The challenge

The starting point for this programme was the joint ambition of the West Norfolk Partnership to achieve cost savings and improved customer outcomes by exploring how integrated delivery could take place outside of existing organisational silos.

Our approach and outcomes

Bluemarble was engaged with statutory and voluntary partners in West Norfolk to facilitate a Solution Centre programme to identify innovative ways of integrating services across health and social care. A core solution group (made up of leaders of the District Council, the NHS commissioners, GP consortia, the local hospital, the voluntary sector, Norfolk County Council and local housing providers) worked through an intensive 10 week programme to develop a new business framework. The framework will enable the identification of services to deliver jointly, the creation of new service models that achieve better customer outcomes, and cost efficiencies and agreement on areas for re-investment.
Focusing on the older person segment of the local population the group have identified common outcomes and priorities across their different organisations. The mapping of existing services resulted in the agreement that the current silo model is both costly and unsustainable. A new solution has been developed that will create ‘one preventative system’ working around the customer. The proposed new delivery model will help unlock costs trapped in expensive hospital and care beds through an integrated local service; the service will empower older people to manage their own risks to avoid common place, everyday situations. At the heart of the new operation will be a single point for information, advice and advocacy to help older people, their carers and families, navigate the complex benefits, housing and care systems.

The new service will deliver practical, every-day, simple support that promotes health, well-being and quality of life in the places where people live. It will be commissioned to coordinate delivery across partners and sectors to link existing and new provision, so that older people can access services through single community based points, that will enable them to live well in their own homes.

What our clients say

“Bluemarble provided the structured process that brought us together and challenged our thinking and approaches to working across our organisation’s boundaries and silos. Helping us to focus on the customer, they successfully facilitated and worked with us to shape the development of a radical new solution.” -Ray Harding Chief Executive Kings Lynn and West Norfolk District Council

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