Flexible Working at Thurrock Council

The challenge

Thurrock's workforce were working from multiple locations around the Borough, its buildings were outdated and in need of modernisation and the IT and telephony infrastructure had not been improved for a number of years. The challenge was to update all elements of the organisation and simultaneously find considerable savings from the decrease in funding.

Our approach and outcomes

Following detailed discussion with Thurrock, it was agreed that a whole new operational outlook and staff mindset was required to modernise the way that the Council operates.

The key objectives for Blue Marble were to:
• Design and create a recognised central hub for the Council where all staff are based
• Deliver Flexible Working across the Council
• Change the mindset of all staff so they drop in to a shared hub rather than sit at their own desk

Bluemarble fully designed, managed and implemented all works to enable these objectives, which included:
• Full refurbishment of the main Civic Offices
• Creation of new smart open plan offices
• Introduction of new and updated ICT and telephony
• Implementation of 3000 staff moves
• Delivery of a comprehensive change management programme to every member of staff
• Vacating staff from a number of sites providing external lease or asset sale opportunities

Thurrock’s workforce is now fully flexible, based at the central Civic Offices but working mobile and from many various locations around the borough as operationally beneficial. The project was successfully completed to schedule and under budget.

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