Civil Parking Enforcement across Essex

The challenge

Essex CC were seeking alternative ways of delivering efficient and locally tailored car park enforcement services, that could address inconsistent policies and spiralling operating deficits, created by a fragmented and inconsistent delivery across all 12 Districts and Boroughs. They wanted to find new collaborative partnerships to break down historical two tier silo relationships.

Our approach and outcomes

Bluemarble facilitated an accelerated Solution Centre approach that engaged all partners over a 10 week period to generate design features and commitment to a new delivery model. The programme delivered a new joint policy framework, a strategic commissioning arrangement for the County Council, and a more resilient, consistent and efficient service delivery model owned, controlled and managed through two new ventures run in partnership by the Districts and Boroughs.

After the Solution Centre, Bluemarble continued to work alongside County, District and Borough Councils to implement, within 6 months, the new parking service. Two Parking Partnerships were established as legal entities, each with a lead authority providing operational processing through a single centre of excellence. The Partnerships are commissioned by the County Council and governed by a formal partnership agreement; a partnership Board made up of political and operational representatives from each partner ensures that local needs are understood and met. The new model has confirmed the benefits identified in the business case and delivered immediate savings in the region of £1m. Further financial savings will be realised in subsequent years, reducing the cost of the operation by at least 20%.

What our clients say

“Bluemarble’s Solution Centre approach provided a highly effective way of bringing together the twelve Districts in Essex and the County Council to develop two new Parking Partnerships. The new service arrangements cut across existing organisational boundaries to deliver significant efficiency gains”.

Paul Bird, Director of Highways & Transportation, Essex CC

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