A new approach to market and a new sales force in three weeks


A new approach to market and a new sales force

The challenge

A leading North American Telecommunications Company needed to reenergise its approach to the medium sized enterprise market. Recent restructuring had focussed on individual operating units and this restricted its ability to act quickly ‘across’ the business to seize new opportunities.

Our approach and outcomes

Using a Solutions Centre approach we brought together all the key functional groups to create a single plan of action. Alongside the creation of the medium term plan we launched a new sales initiative with a very small team – getting ‘feet on the streets’ within ten days of commencing the project. The Solutions Centre brought together the right individuals to ‘get things done’. New marketing and sales support systems and processes were developed as the sales team hit the streets and in real time alongside sales success. Operating from a war room the team rapidly created a new style of working with clear collaboration between all the operating units of the business. By maintaining the close focus of the senior governance team we were able to address roadblocks in the organisation and ensure that resources where focussed effectively. Within ten weeks the new team was in place and rapidly gaining market traction. The company now had a new organisational structure and was starting to implement a set of new processes. The new sales team is now achieving significant market success and the concept is being expanded across the business.

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